“We have one of the best health care systems in the world, but Medicare doesn’t pay for everything.”

If your group health and dental plan doesn’t have all the coverage you need, what can you do? What happens to your coverage if you change employers?  What happens when you retire?

Individual or family Health and Dental insurance can be a good solution. Manulife Financial offers “Flexcare” and “Follow-me”, two plans that provide very affordable health and dental insurance coverage.

This link will take you to the Manulife Financial Health Plans website. Explore your options and build the best health insurance plan for your family at an affordable price. You can apply online and buy it immediately or contact me for help.  We will help you find a health and dental plan you can afford!

If Blue Cross Health Insurance is your preference, Elements is another product that offers medical insurance the way you want it.  Start with the basic health benefits, then add the modules you need for drug coverage and dental coverage.  Additional modules include Critical Illness, Hospital Cash and Assured Access.