It is easier than ever to buy life insurance without answering a lot of personal medical and lifestyle questions.  No doctor reports, no nurse visits, no fluid samples required.  Available for individuals ages 18 to 80.  Hard to insure? Been declined for insurance recently?  Check out this option!

With Canada Protection Plan, if you can answer “NO” to 12 simple health and lifestyle questions, you qualify to buy as much as $25,000 life insurance.  There is not a question about a previous declined application and there is no question about diabetes.

If you can answer “NO” to 11 more questions, you qualify for better rates and up to $500,000 immediate coverage.

If you have access to a touchscreen device (smartphone, iPad, etc.) you can apply for “NO-Medical” life insurance with Canada Protection Plan or Assumption Life without having to meet face-to-face with an agent.  Contact us for more information.